Automotive upholstery requires the mastery of a specific knowledge and skill set including the usage of specialized machinery and materials, especially in late model vehicles.

Automotive upholstery mainly refers to the recovering, reupholstering, of the seats and trim of a vehicle’s interior.

The seats are the most commonly reupholstered part because they see the most damage and use.

Traditionally, reupholstering a vehicle’s seats has been completed by experienced craftsman who must have the vehicle on site for disassembly, patterning, and reinstallation. The upholstery on most automotive applications is attached to the frame and foam of the seat by means of plastic clips, hog-rings, and Velcro.

Once these attachments are released, the factory upholstery will come off the seat frame and foam and is then able to be patterned and reproduced.  However, this reupholstery process can be time consuming for the upholsterer and therefore expensive for the customer.

It also requires at least a few days of downtime for the vehicle. This is where Leather seat kits come in.  We specialize in pre-sewn, ready-to-be-installed, automotive leather interior kits, which can typically be installed in a single day.

Our manufacturers pattern the interiors of late model vehicles as they are released so that we can produce custom interiors on demand for our customer base. Once the pieces are patterned,  then they digitize these patterned pieces into the computer system as well as detailed sew order instructions so that they can be reproduced over and over again.  Our pattern archive goes back mainly to the mid 90’s and have many of the vehicle patterns from that date forward.

We do have some patterns that are older than the mid 90s, but these are typically archive patterns which you should contact us directly on for more details and pattern verification.

leather seats for jeep wranglerOur leather interior kits are designed to supply our customers with a kit which replaces all the upholstery on the  seating areas. This means that our packages include all the pre-sewn upholstery covers needed to reupholster all the  seats in your vehicle.

For example, a GMC Yukon XL with three rows of seating will include all the covers for all  three rows. There are a few exceptions where we do not have the pattern for the full interior, but these exceptions  are few and far between and we will make sure to inform you if the pattern you selected does not have the full  interior available.

So this should answer one of our most commonly asked questions... “do you sell the actual seats or just the covers?”  

As described previously, we do not sell any of the physical seats.

We only sell replacement upholstery which will replace the existing upholstery in your vehicle. The seat frame and foam of your seats will stay in place while the old, stained or ripped covers on your current seats will be removed and our interior package will be installed in it’s place.


Adding leather to your car’s interior is a fantastic way to add value and pleasure to your driving experience.

No matter which style you choose, you can be sure of one thing: our quality and craftsmanship are the best in the business. Unleash your creativity by choosing options such as two toned leather color combinations, contrast thread, piping, and or perforation.

Pick and choose the exact details you want.  Whether it’s a factory leather look or a style that fits your unique personality, the choice is yours!

It’s in our genes, our culture.

It’s evident every day on the factory floor where our dedicated teams take great pride in every stitch.

Our leather seat kits are specifically cut and sewn to fit the year, make, model, and trim level of your vehicle.

These are not slip-on seat covers, but rather they are designed to replace the existing factory cloth or leather seat covers in your car, truck or SUV.

No other factory style replacement leather seats look as good or are as easily installed as a Katzkin custom leather interior, and all at the lowest prices in the industry!

Each leather upholstery kit is manufactured from automotive grade, top grain leather and includes: seat covers for all rows of seating in your vehicle, headrest covers, and armrest covers. In many cases we can also reupholster door panels.

Katzkin leather seats are built to last, which is why each leather interior kit comes standard with a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty.


Factory Design Leather Interiors

The look, the feel, the smell of a premium, factory-quality, leather trimmed interior is now an affordable luxury! You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for the entire factory upgrade package, when all you really want is the leather. These leather interiors are designed to match the factory specifications, but without the high costs. See the difference for yourself.

Katzkin Design Leather Interiors

Here’s your chance to make a statement. These leather interiors are created by our professional designers to reflect the unique personality of each vehicle. We’ve been perfecting our craft for over 25 years, and these choices reflect the combinations we know will transform your car into something unique and special

Your Design

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Our design-your-own option allows you to design your custom leather interior using some of our most popular colors and options. Here’s your chance to make a statement.

Our Leathers

Our Premium leather is available in 65 colors, each designed to perfectly match original Factory interior colors for all makes and models. If you want an even softer feel our Tuscany is the finest, softest and most luxurious leather available for automotive use. Available as an upgrade in our most popular colors.

Our Mission

Our goal is to transform your entire driving experience with a beautifully designed custom leather interior. Custom Auto Leather/Interiors, Leather Truck seats, Leather car seats, Leather seats for trucks.