Window Tinting

Our window tint utilizes the most advanced nano technology in the industry. Our film consists of 100% nano technology. We don’t depend on dye to build our nano film. No shortcuts. No deception. That’s why you’re going to choose us for all your window tinting needs.

Our top of the line ceramic window tint is our most popular and effective. Whatever the choice, solar control window tints are extremely effective at reducing the demand placed on air conditioning and ventilation systems, which will be directly and immediately reflected on your MPG performance and your budget. A quality window tint, though higher in initial cost, can easily pay for itself in a short time due the extraordinary energy-savings it can produce.

Forward and rear driving assist camera systems.

Have a much safer driving experience, or have the piece of mind your loved ones are safer with a forward and rear driving assist camera system. We also offer backup sensors and blind spot detectors. Click here to see Demo

Mcgaughys suspension and Cognito motorsports are the top suspensions for Chevy and GMC while Rize Industries focuses on suspension for Ford, Dodge, and Chevy and Icon Vehicle Dynamics is a top suspension for Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Nissan, and Toyota.

No matter which you prefer, lifted, lowered, or sport, we offer and install many different high quality suspensions.


Spray on bed liner material can be sprayed from 1/16 inch to 4 inches, depending on the application. Thinner coatings like Pro Coat, All Pro, Qwikliner, and Scorpion may cost less but can chip and crack. For trucks with the most rugged use, the optimum thickness for bed liners is 1/4 inch on the bed and wheel wells and 1/8 inch on the sides. It is becoming more popular to coat the exterior of vehicles and boats. So, now you see companies like Rhino Linings, Line-X,, Armorthane, and Reflex providing solutions for exterior and colors.

We have a long history of Spray on Bedliners and are widely known as the best on the Gulf Coast. We now offer our ever popular REFLEX Polyurethane bedliner as well as the hard polyurea bedliner. Both types we offer in a Pro Series and Commercial application. We also offer Customizable options such as colors, emblems, logos, and airbrushing.



While spraying bedliners we found a need for our products in the Industrial market. We now have many different applications such as boats, containers, rigs,Walkways, stairs, heavy equipment, and more. Our types of applications started with flooring solutions as an anti skid and have expanded to waterproofing, Thermal and ceramic insulation, and sound dampening. We are currently researching more coatings to add to our line for residential and commercial applications.



Need Headlights, Taillights, LED, or off road lights? We’ve got em!! We offer custom headlights with LED or CCFL Halos and many other options such as paint and even projector retrofitting. Our LED lighting comes in single, dual, and multicolor and has many different functions. We have off road lighting in LED bars from 2 inch to 60 inch and HID kits.


Custom leather interior for cars and trucks

When it comes to your comfort we have got you covered. Whether you want one color, two tone, or custom with Every option, we will install a high quality leather package in your vehicle. We also offer seat heaters, seat massagers, And liquid cell cushioning.



We can safely and easily remove paint over spray, water spots, tree sap, rail dust, and other surface contaminants from the surface of automotive paint.

Whether you are worried about your auto paint or boats gelcoat we can increase paint gloss and protect against oxidation, ultra violet rays, acidic rain, tree sap and even insects with Ceramic nano synthetic sealant.

Click here to see Demo



We offer a wide variety of accessories. Bumpers to bugshields, grilles to gauge faces, stepbars to spoilers,
tonneau covers to toolboxes, and everthing in between.


We have a variety of towing and cargo solutions for all of your needs and offer professional installation. Goosenecks, Fifth Wheels, and Class I – IV hitches. We carry only the highest quality products when it comes to towing. We also offer a wide variety of towing accessories, Including bike racks, cargo straps, adjustable draw bars, and much more.


Whether you want to squeeze all of the gas mileage out of your vehicle or you need to unlock more Horsepower & torque, We offer a large selection of upgrades. Cold air intakes, tuner/programmers, alternators, headers, And more..

Fiberglass truck toppers and tonneau covers increase fuel mileage
Tonneau covers, or lids as they are frequently call, offer superb cargo protection along with personality. As with the rest of our toppers and caps, these fiberglass paint to match tonneau bed covers can be upgraded with many options. Easy to operate and built for years of carefree service, a fiberglass tonneau is the truck lovers choice for security and style.